All-in-one Butt Injection Guide


It is an invasive procedure of introduction of a substance, tissue or material into the buttock region of human body with an aim to increase the size of booty. In modern terms, it is included under the category of Butt Augmentation; other procedure which falls in same category is Butt Implants. In simple meanings, Butt Augmentation refers to enlargement of buttock muscles. Butt implants, no doubt, are being used by females and males to make their hip large and well-formed, but the exact procedure of butt implants is more invasive than Butt Injections.

Composition of Butt Injections

A variety of solutions is used to attain the goal of butt injections to make butt rear ends properly shaped and grown. In comparison to butt implants, only surgery is done when fat injection is used, while butt implants is primarily plastic surgery procedure. Materials used for butt injections include polyacrylamide in 97.5% solution, 80 per cent of purified collagen gel consisting of 20 per cent poly methyl-methacrylate and silicone liquid. One interesting thing that silicone in solid form is also used for butt implants.

Types of Butt Injection

Simply, the types of butt injections depend upon the material and procedure used. If application procedure is considered then these can be divided in two types

  1. Liposuction Surgery ( Fat Injections)
  2. Without Plastic Surgery ( Other Types except unbranded )

If Butt injections are classified on the basis of material used then these are of five types.

  1. Hydrogel Butt Injections
  2. PMMA Butt Injections
  3. Fat Injections
  4. Silicone Butt Injections
  5. Unbranded products
  • Hydrogel Butt Injections

Hydrogel Butt Injections constitutes a solution of a compound named as polyacrylamide in water (97.5% solution). These are called as Hydrogel Butt injection due to the use of hydrogel of polyacrylamide for injection.

Procedure usually lasts for 1 to 2 hours; it involves first step to consult the patient as “which areas he or she want to augment?” Then physician uses a cannula for pouring the hydrogel after making an incision into desired tissues of buttock. Healing process requires 2 to 3 days and after procedure compression bandages are used to cover the incision areas. During the process of surgery, doctor message the area in order to mould it into proper and exact shape. For hydrogel butt injections, patient has to visit surgeon second time for filling out and optimizing the shape of buttock.

Hydrogel in this injection act as filler and make the buttock round and enlarged. But unfortunately results of hydrogel butt injections replenish after 72 weeks. This procedure of hydrogel booty injections are not considered as legal in United States but still they are being used by patients and done by physicians.

  • PMMA Butt Injections

Basically, PMMA Butt Injections are composed of filler poly methyl-methacrylate in form of small microspheres in collagen gel.

It is biodegradable and biocompatible directly controlling the growth of fibrous tissues; eventually body’s natural system starts to defend body from foreign entrant which result in increased volume of connective tissues. A few months later collagen also disintegrate and in a result body own system start forming collagen in order to fill the gap. PMMA is not registered by FDA and is also banned in United States. Most common brand of PMMA used by practitioners is Artefill.

  • Fat Injections

This method is among the most popular ways used for butt augmentation and is also called as Brazilian Butt Lift. Procedure involves the first common step for all buttock injections, which is patient consultation. Doctor asks patient for areas from which he or she want to remove excess fat. This fat is then used to transfer to rear and bottom ends of booty to make it round. It is walk-in walk-out method without any hospital stay. It seems more beneficent to patient as excess fat from abdomen or back is removed making waist-line slim and narrow. Fat taken from other than patient’s body usually cause a lot of complications like hypersensitivity reaction and tissue rejection.

  • Silicone Butt Injections

Silicone Butt Injections also come in the category of hydrogel and PMMA butt injections as in this case also foreign substance “liquid Silicone” is used for fulfil the requirements of larger booty. Procedure to perform this minor invasive is same as described for others as patient consultation is considered first then injection is done in desired area, bandages are applied on treated area. During procedure, practitioner does some message in order to give proper shape to buttock muscles.

No doubt, this method also results in a lot of health complications that can even lead to death of patient.

  • Unbranded Products

In this category, unprofessional practitioners use unbranded products with provision of relatively less cost and attract clients. They have no concern with after effects on the health of their clients with the use of low quality products but they just want money at any cost. That’s why this the most troublesome procedure for life of clients.

Various procedures are being used nowadays for butt augmentation. Selection of these procedures for a specific client depends upon the following factors like amount of booty enhancement required by client, nature of skin (tender or hard), tone of skin, shape and size of buttock before procedure and sagginess.

Benefits of Butt Injections

Hardest part of utilization of any process or object is to avail its benefits with minimal risks. Similar is the case with butt injections as they do have benefits but with an optimal care and consideration while using method and material used for these injections.

Major benefit that is obvious from the use of ass shots (buttock injections or shots) is to fulfil internal satisfaction as when anyone wants to look good and attractive by making his/her body slimmer and fit while buttock larger and well-proportional than previous body figure.

One more thing, which people think as a benefit of ass shots is “these are quicker and easy mode of making the booty attractive and properly formed, while making other body parts slimmer than doing regular exercise and scheduling a diet plan.

These injections can be seen beneficial in a sense that persons using these have appealing and aesthetic look than other local community. They can gain benefit of any vacancy by convincing the employer that if they can manage their look properly, they can do their job efficiently.

Some people also believe that these injections require no hard work like exercise and are relatively easy as these are done one or twice with little pain and high cost but no longer trouble. But willing candidates of butt injections should keep in mind that they do have a lot of risks.

These injections help to make wait-line and thighs narrow and smaller. Features of younger look become obvious and prominent by using butt injections. As mentioned above, confidence also boosted up when a person look fit and handsome.

Specifically, Brazilian Butt lift is considered as more beneficial than all other types, reasons include; it cause less side effects, discomfort and skin scaring is also very less in this case, recovery process is also quicker than other ones, consistency of skin grown area of buttock is soft and natural and similarly person feel natural look as his/her own body fat is being used in this procedure. While some also use artificial fat tissues by neglecting the fat grafting from their own body.

Complications of butt injections

Complications and risks are compulsory constituents of butt injection application as with the passage of time risks associated with these procedures are revealing in real cases throughout the world and health care providers are trying to aware people about the benefits associate with exercise along with the severe side effects of butt injections.

Most surgeons are anxious about the use of silicone butt injection as these are being considered as silent killer for persons who use Silicone Butt Injections. Some also said, “If a person survives after this application, he/she should be humble to God”.

Two major risks associated with silicone butt injections are Silicone Emboli Syndrome and Silicone granuloma. Silicone Emboli Syndrome is a complication that may start after 72 hours of its insertion and it involves blockade of blood supply to lungs due to clotting of blood cells resulting in prevention of delivery of oxygen and can lead to death. Silicone granuloma is a condition of formation of painful nodes in injected areas. This process involves two terms; first after 10 to 15 years when painful lumps start to evolve in booty region and second term results in inflammation and severe infection in that area.

Same is the case for Hydrogel Butt injections as doctors do not prescribe it to use due to severe risks. The main issue is with the purity and concentration of solution used as these are not specified for these parameters. Continuing to the same point, hydrogels containing injections are also illegal in United States.

Some complications associated with Hydrogel butt injections like fluctuation in body normal temperature, inflammation of injected booty part and irregularity in the exact shape of buttock usually heal within two weeks.

PMMA are also not safe to use as a range of side effects are there like inflammation of injected site, painful lumps, and disfiguration that can lead to permanent disfiguration and even death.

Recently, Canadian Government is strictly forbidding their people by telling them about illegal product and procedures used for butt injections and they are warning them by providing information about health hazards related to these injections.

Cost of Butt Injections

Finding desired things is bit difficult task but once you have found them, getting them is another more difficult task. Same is the case with Butt Injections. These injections are easy to find but require high money to get them. Using butt injections through reliable means (i.e. specialized surgeons and Medicare centres) are very costly. Due to their high cost, people are using illegal ways to get these butt injections in low cost. As butt injections carrying silicone, hydrogel or any other substance are not approved from FDA, so people find illegal and economic ways to get them. While the average cost of buttock injections is $3500 plus the cost of liposuction. Hydrogel Butt injections are least costly than all other branded types.

Market cost of any product is directly related to its consumption and its formation. Using butt injections is something very risky but also desirable by many women to get great looks. Due to this factor their price is very high in market. Some untrained and unprofessional people are providing these injections at low costs but this thing can create many risks for their lives.

Some types of butt injections are too expensive like poly methyl-methacrylate (PMMA). These injections are another kind of fillers and are approved by FDA in United States. Their cost is very high around $100,000 but it will still depend on the quantity which is required by the woman to be injected in their butts. If they want more enhancements of their butts then they will have to pay more. Although this treatment is very costly but it is showing results in females across the globe.

Rajini Vaidyanathan (BBC News, Miami) recently on 14 July 2014 said,

“A growing number of American women are getting plastic surgery to enhance their behinds. But with the costs running into the thousands of dollars, many are choosing cheap, illegal and life-threatening backstreet procedures”.


In conclusion, cost depends not only on the quantity of filler material used but also on its quality and brand. Furthermore cost can be connecting to professionalism if procedure is done by professionally competent surgeon; cost would be high and vice versa.

Humans should consider their health along with their look as health is more important than look. These injections are very risky and a lot of materials being used in butt injections are not FDA approved so alternative healthy ways like routine exercise, dieting and use of padded panties.


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