Brazilian Butt Lift

Specifically, Brazilian butt lift can be defined as,” a technique of butt augmentation consisting of two component processes of fat grafting and liposuction in order to make booty well formed and well proportioned with relatively increased size.

Method of Brazilian butt lift:

Brazilian butt lift technique is usually done in following successive steps;

  1. Liposuction: First step of Brazilian butt lift is to do liposuction of patient. Areas targeted for liposuction are hips, parts below the buttock and rear area of back. But some other areas depending upon surgeon consideration may be liposuctioned in order to create a pool of fat which then may be used for grafting into booty region.
  2. Placement of liposuctioned Fat: Second step of Brazilian butt lift includes the process of placing the removed fat into buttock regions making buttock region round and enlarged.

These two steps, surely, produce positive effective with minimal risks as this process totally prevent tissue rejection and infection.

Brazilian Butt LiftSelection of Suitable Candidate for Brazilian Butt Lift:

Most of the clients preferring to enhance their buttocks size are women from 17 years to 25 years. But men in very less number used this procedure of Brazilian Butt Lift. Specific complaints coming from clients willing to do Brazilian Butt Lift include improper figure due to flat and small booty unable to settle and appear good with natural body parts.

Skins preferred to perform Brazilian Butt lift usually are in better and normal condition with little sagginess. One advantage for this procedure is that it may reduce sagging condition of buttock skin. In contrast, if sagginess is much more in the skin of client then prior to Brazilian Butt Lift, a surgical procedure butt lift is performed. Basic focus of surgical butt lift is to make the skin tight and strengthen. After this surgical, Brazilian Butt Lift procedure is performed.

The clients having very less fatty tissues on hips, back on buttock etc. are not suitable candidates of Brazilian Butt Lift as it requires fat from the patient body.


Duration of Recovery Period:

After this procedure, treated areas of liposuction are very soft and tender, in order to reduce this tenderness, analgesics (Pain Killer Medicines) are used. In result, the process of recovery would be moderate. Clients treated with Brazilian Butt Lift would be in great trouble that he/she can’t on his/her booty for 10 to 14 days after this liposuction. The reason behind this fact is that the fatty tissues placed in booty region require proper blood supply for growth in new environment and eventually this adaptation process take time.

Results of Brazilian Butt Lift:

The outcome of Brazilian butt lift depends upon the quantity of fat tissues which would be survived during the adaptation period in new environment and started to grow in new environment. A direct relation exists between results and tissues survived. In most cases, percentage of surviving tissues range from 60% to 80%.

In short, every surgical procedure of butt augmentation does have some complications and risks associated with it, but these risks can be minimized by hiring a professional surgeon and following recovery guidelines.